[Wearing popular dramas] Product introduction

Fuji TV April
Drama"Best Oahu Nakajima HARCO"

A beautiful actress was wearing RORA's clothes with a beautiful drama of Mao Daichi.

And what! This time, there is a signboard with a big drama in the station premises and an anime advertisement. The actress in the big drama advertisement signboard was wearing ladyora's clothes♪

This is the sign of the feeling in the station♪(the drama has nothing to do with this drama)

The actress who was wearing RORA clothes in the big place was impressed and was impressed♪

The clothes I used this time are cute

J.Crew Polka Dot Shirt

It is a V-neck shirt with a soft material, comfortable to match the bottom of the water polo. Because it is a perfect one in the spring season, please try it♪