Privacy policy

I manage the important personal information of the visitor appropriately and handle Rora (it is said as follows with "us") Co., Ltd.
Therefore I fix an action policy about the use for appropriate protection of the personal information and will try for personal information protection.

1.The acquisition of the personal information
We acquire personal information by legitimate and fair means, method.

2.The use, offer of the personal information
I do not use the purpose outside unless we use personal information only for a purpose of our business, and laws and ordinances determine it.
It is as follows as a specific example about the offer.
・The settlement of the purchase product, shipment
・Correspondence about various inquiries from a visitor
・The event that we perform, guidance of the service

3.Safety measures of the personal information
We take the rational prevention, corrective action for a risk (unjust access to personal information, loss of the personal information, destruction, manipulation, leak) for the personal information and secure safety of the personal information.

4. Disclosure to a third party of the personal information
There cannot be the thing that I contribute it to the third party and disclose it unless the personal information that had you provide it is based on laws and ordinances.

5.A visitor is the stage when an order was completed and judges us to have been able to agree to a rule about the protection of our personal information.

6.Continuous improvement of the personal information protection
We are improved to maintain service improvement and personal information protection appropriately without notifying you beforehand.

7.About a complaint about the personal information protection and consultation
I cope with a complaint about the personal information and consultation immediately.

Rora Co., Ltd.
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