Washing information that you want to know [What is the laundry display]

When you wash carefully clothes, how do you wash tags?

For now, do you wash it in the washing machine?

"I've been shrunk" and "Do you have this detergent?" "Is it good with a washing machine?"

I think I had a question such as.

Tags have an important laundry source, so let's check firmly.

From December 2016, Japan has also changed to global laundry mark display.

This five basic symbols.

注 注 Caution points △

1. Sign design has been new.

"Numbers and symbols" representing "temperature and strength" etc. "Basic symbol" etc.Display the line "-" point "·".

2. Showing the upper limit of how to handle.

If you use an iron at a higher temperature than the display, you can use a strong detergent damage

It may receive.

One point is 1 at 110 ° C (low temperature) at 3 150 ° C (medium temperature) and up to 200 ° C (high temperature). It is the meaning of disabling if the base symbol is set to the base symbol, not only an iron.

3. The type of symbol increased and more detailed.

4. There was no notation in Japanese that has been ever.