[Wearing popular dramas] Product introduction

TBS January-March Tuesday 22:00 broadcast
Drama"Oh! My Boss! Love is a separate volume"

Nanao-san, who plays the role of Reiko Horai, has a wonderful style and is cool! When I was watching the drama, I was able to use Rora's clothes!

Kazuki Nakata, who played Reiko, wore it in the childhood flashback scene of Reiko Horai (Nanao).♪

The Schumann blouse was appointed this time! The fluffy texture was well reflected, he dressed cutely, and the acting was very cute.♪



■ Price: 4,200 yen ■ Size: 100cm-140cm (2y-11y) ■Check here

The fluffy sleeves are cute and gorgeous in any scene, so it is our popular top.♪

If you missed the dramaTVer site(Https://tver.jp/)of

HereYou can watch it for free for a week with the missed delivery, so please check it out.♪