[Wearing popular dramas] Product introduction

TBS October-December 22:00 broadcast
"Do you want to warm up this love?"

With the smile of the heroine Kiki-chan (Nana Mori)
Mr. Asaba (Mr. Tomoya Nakamura) for salt
Also, for a cozy depiction of this drama
I was watching it because it was soothing
You can use Rora's clothes!

The role of the daughter of President Miko (Koji Yamamoto)
I had Miyuko Ochii wear it♪

Unfortunately, I didn't see much clothes (crying)
It was a very good scene
The acting was very cute♪

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This back view is cute!

Merci Sweat

Mimi check skirt


It was a drama that would bring happiness to Christmas.
It's just a little, but Rora was able to cooperate with me.♡
I was really happy