【Popular TV Programs】Product Introduction

TV Tokyo Every Wednesday from 1:10 a.m. to 1:40 a.m. Drama"The Law of Love Rice - Kojisae Girls and Boys"

Rura's clothes were worn in a love comedy drama starring beautiful and cool Chiaki Kuriyama♪

Two pieces of clothes were arranged and worn in a style, and I felt the ability of the stylist in the new way of wearing♪

The clothes worn in the drama,


■Contrast button shirt■Price 4,800 yen ■Size F (one-size-a-size-all)


■ Dolman Sleeve Top■Price 6,200 yen ■Size F (one-size-a-size-all)

■ A beautiful shirt with a button point is a universal feeling that does not choose where to wear it.   The volume-sleeved Dolman shirt is a piece that can be dressed a little sexy with cute ruffles. Please try it because it is a product that is perfect for the coming season♪