[Wearing popular dramas] Product introduction

Tokai TV Saturday January-March 23:40 broadcast Drama"That woman, Jilba"

In the drama that I was surprised at the transformation of Chizuru Ikewaki and was addicted to it, Rora's clothes will be adopted!


I found on youtube that Sumire Hamada (Noriko Eguchi) was able to wear it in a scene that seemed to be a little serious about the development! !!

 ☆Do you know which scene? ??
Please check around the 9th second♪

The tops with buttons were appointed this time.
Contrast Button Slit Sleeve Top♪

■ Price: 4,500 yen ■ Size: F (one size fits all) ■Check here

This top from our company is a little excellent, it is a cute top with a button normally, but it is an original design that looks like a cape when you remove the button♪As it is easy to wear, it is our staff heavy rotation item♪