privacy policy

Rora, a company that is called "Our Company" below, manages and handles the customer's precious personal information properly.
To this end, we will set up a policy to protect and use personal information and try to protect personal information.

1) Acquiring personal information
We obtain personal information by legitimate and fair means and methods.

2) Use and provide personal information
We use personal information only for the purposes of our business and do not use it outside of purpose except when statutes are set.
As specific examples for your offerings, as follows:
• Settlement of your purchase products, shipping
• Response for various inquiries from your customers
• See the event, service,

3) Safety measures for personal information
We take reasonable preventive and corrective measures and ensure personal information safety for risks to personal information (unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, tampering, leakage).

4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
Your personal information is not provided or disclosed to third parties except in the case of the statute.

5.We will judge that our customers agreed to the provisions for the protection of our personal information at the stage of the completion of your order.

6) Continuous improvement of personal information protection
We will improve without prior notice, because we will improve our services and maintain personal information protection properly.

7.On complaints and consultations about personal information protection.
Complaints and consultations about personal information are responded quickly.

Where to contact
company Rora
Soraye Seozawa 2F, 8-10, Sumyoshi, Toshima, Ozawa, Okutama Prefecture
Reception time: 10:00 to 17:00
(Except for the Saturday, Day, Holiday, and Company's Holiday)