アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora
アンヌ コート - Rora

Anne Court

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Be fascinated to see!
I wear it and am fascinated even more! !
Stick to materials, designs, silhouettes and colors
The children's clothing Dora Anne court boasts high quality.

Fluffy cute silhouette is unbearable
For black coats
The custom-made button of the gold color which ted with a slightly rose color enhances the design.(It is difficult to understand on the photo,It shines like a rose by angle.)

High quality and beautiful
The front figure, the back figure, and the side figure!
It does not stop though it is pretty even if it sees from any angle.

I want my mom, too.
Spend the winter fluffy or cute
It is the first place that can be loved for a long time.

Wool 50% Acrylic 30% Polyester 20%
(Lining) 100% polyester
Model size: 5 years old Weight: 15.5kg Height: 106cm
Model wear size: 100cm

100cm - Width 33cm Length 52cm Sleeve Length 35cm
110cm - Width 35cm Length 56cm Sleeve Length 38cm
120cm - Width 37cm Length 60cm Sleeve Length 41cm
130cm - Width 39cm Length 64cm Sleeve Length 44cm
140cm - Width 41cm Length 68cm Sleeve Length 47cm

delivery in Japan

shipping fee

immediate shipment : 210 yen (tax)
Orders up to 14:00 on the day of business day

free shipping fee : If you buy more than 5,000 yen (tax)

Price fee: 324 yen (tax)
You are charged with the amount of purchase.

delivery agent

yamato transport This is the tracking.

overseas delivery

Three types of delivery methods.
1 International Parcel (about 14 days to deliver)... 1,000

2EMS (about 7 days to deliver)...2,000

3UPS (about three days to deliver)...3,000

Some of the areas that can not be shipped.
Please check for international flights from the post office for more information.




TEL:04-2921-3855 / メールアドレス:info@rora.co.jp


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